We charge a monthly tuition for all classes. Tuition is charged August-May and is due on the first of every month. Tuition is calculated based on the total amount of classes throughout the year and is averaged for a monthly cost, so even though some months we will meet less than others, tuition will remain the same.

We offer a 10% discount if you pay for the semester (5 months) or year (10 months) in full.

If you need help determining your tuition rate, don't hesitate to reach out! We are more than happy to help.

There are a few fees that we charge throughout the year:

Registration Fee - $25 (due at time of registration or by first class)

Costume Fee - $50-$75 per costume (due October 1st & February 1st)

Show Fee - $50/dancer (due November 1st & April 1st)

For fees relating to our competitive team, please contact us for more information.

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